We are a radical, independent and horizontally lead initiative which aims to raise awareness about the problem of food waste at production and consumer levels, and actively work on reducing waste on a local level.

Currently, the food produced globally is enough to feed all of humanity over one and a half times, yet there are countless people everywhere who don’t have access to nutritious food. The solution to this is not producing more food, but how we as society deal with what is already grown. We believe that as Taste Before You Waste Utrecht, we are fighting symptoms of a sick, horrendously wasteful system. A system, where every day unfathomable amounts of perfectly edible food is considered “waste” and consequently discarded, without being given the chance to ever see someone’s plate.
As long as food remains a commodity, a profitable good, corporations such as supermarkets will keep throwing out edible food without facing any consequences. We believe that because society has lost their connection to food, people hold unrealistic standards to the appearance of food and as a consequence, throw away perfectly edible food. We believe that it is important to highlight that while one person throws away food, another person is struggling to get a meal.We try to remedy this by diminishing foodwaste, one wonky eggplant at a time.
By distributing and cooking food that would otherwise be discarded, we try to change people’s perspective on what kind of food is edible, and unveil in what way our food system is broken. With our public dinners, we bring people together by cooking and sharing a meal every week where we try to break the dichotomy of volunteers and guests: anyone can help cooking, cleaning, serving or get involved differently. We don’t just cook for people but rather, we are all part of a community trying to contribute in the best way we can. Because striving for a society where everyone is equal to one another, horizontal organisation is very important to us. Everyone’s voice weighs equally and there is no single leader of Taste Before You Waste; we are all equally free to contribute and get involved.
We love initiative. No matter how long you’ve been volunteering for or how often, we encourage you to make your ideas happen and your ideas are welcome.
We believe not a single person should go hungry. We believe scarcity is a capitalist myth.We believe a fair and sufficient food system is possible

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